This book came about through the initiative and encouragement of my older son Bruce. In my late 80s, no longer able to drive and no longer able to play golf, I embarked on a surprising and exciting journey. I now invite you to join me on that journey.

For anyone who has known financial deprivation and barely noticed it; has experienced the vagaries of the Australian climate in the country; the love of a large family; of a woman; of children; the distress of war; the anxieties associated with small business; the enormous pleasures of sport; the experience of meeting the rich and famous and discovering that they're just like the rest of us; I hope that you will find something that is familiar here and will enjoy the trip down memory lane. For those of you whose experiences have been different, or who are too young to have seen it all yet, I hope that you will find some of our shared humanity in my small story. 

It is a simple tale, told from the heart, and I hope that you enjoy it.


Cass Francis